Lecture 1: Introduction & How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

Lecture 1: Introduction & How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

Lecture 1: In this lecture, I want to introduce myself and discuss how to get the most out of this course…

Hello and welcome to the Bitcoin Investing Live Course.

My name is Edward Lomax and I will be your instructor.

I'm sure you are all very excited about entering the new world of Bitcoin investing and taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities available.  I'm also excited about making this course available to you.

So, let's all take a deep breath and relax for a second.

There is going to be a lot of information presented in this course.  Bitcoin is relatively new, so there needs to be some explanation as to what it is, where it came from and how it can be used.  So, for most of you, there is a lot to learn because this is completely new territory.

But we are also talking about INVESTING here.  Now, some of you might have experience in different types of investing and are looking for information on how to apply your skills to the new market of Bitcoin.  But for a lot of you, maybe the majority of you, learning how to be a successful investor is also going to be new as well.

Think of it this way…

Bitcoin is just another market you can invest in.  It is like gold, stocks, Forex or real estate (and we will talk about the similarities later).  So, if you are not experienced with some type of investing already, you need to pay special attention to the sections about investing.  Yes, you are going to learn about Bitcoin, but more importantly, you are going to learn how to invest in Bitcoin profitably, responsibly and with the highest probability of success.

I truly believe Bitcoin to be one of the absolute best markets to invest in at this time because the profit potential is so high.  As you will learn later, there are a lot more profits possible trading Bitcoin than in the Stock Market, Forex Market, Commodities Market or the Real Estate Market. 

That is my opinion and experience anyway.

But that does not mean you can disregard time tested investment practices, avoid gaining hard earned knowledge and experience or refuse to put in the time and effort to develop the trading skills necessary to be successful.  This is not a gimmick market, or a get rick quick scheme.  Investing in Bitcoin is a serious endeavor like any other investment opportunity… and should be entered into with the seriousness and commitment it deserves.

I'm confident that if you go through this course step by step and take the time to learn everything presented here, you will be prepared to start investing in the Bitcoin Market.  But once you start investing, you need to put in the time and effort necessary to start thinking and acting like a professional investor.  Reaching this level does not happen overnight, so make the commitment right now to do what it takes to put what you learn here into ACTION exactly as it is presented.

Learning what the course teaches and applying what you learn perfectly is the best way to get the most out of this course.

You see, in itself, just going through the course is not going to put money in your pocket.  You actually have to do something with the knowledge you gain.  You have to take action.  In short, your ACTIONS after taking this course is what will determine if you are profitable or not investing in Bitcoin.

OK, before we jump into the teaching, in the next lesson I want to go over a little bit about who I am and why you should listen to me.

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