The Last Bitcoin Swing Strategy Entry (HUGE Profit Potential)

I wanted to show you an example of an Entry given by the Bitcoin Swing Strategy.  If you've read anything from me about trading Bitcoin, you know I love the Bitcoin market for the huge profit potential.  It is possible to get entries with 10 TIMES the risk to reward ratio.

Trading with a positive risk to reward is really the key to profitable trading.  If you can make more money on the trades you win than you lose on your losing trades... you WILL be profitable over time.  Sounds simple, right?

But when trading the live markets with real money, this is not always easy to do.  Sometimes traders find it hard to hold on to the trade for bigger profits.  They see some gains and want to close the trade to MAKE SURE the market does not come back on them.  So, there are trader psychology challenges to overcome.

But even if you hone your trading skill and can stick to your trading rules that look for positive risk to reward opportunities, you still need the market to give you those opportunities.  You can only take what the market gives you... and what if the market is just not moving in a way that provides those big risk to reward opportunities?

So, when it comes to risk to reward, the higher the better.  But you still need the market to give you those opportunities.  And if the market does provide those great trading opportunities... you still need to place and manage the trade like a pro to capture a winning trade with positive risk to reward.

And right now, the Bitcoin market is giving those HUGE risk to reward trading opportunities.  If you have a solid trading strategy (like the Bitcoin Swing Strategy), and the ability to stick to the rules (the strategy is completely rule based), you can profit from those opportunities.  And profit handsomely.

Here is an example of the last Bitcoin Swing Strategy entry given (at the time of writing this blog post):

On Nov. 15th, the Bitcoin Swing Strategy gave a signal to BUY.  Entry price was around $7269, and the stop loss was around $6289.  Over the next couple of weeks, price shot up to over $17,000.

  • Do you think you could have made some nice profits on a move like this?
  • Do you see how you can find trade opportunities with HUGE risk to reward potential?
  • Do you see the kind of profit potential the Bitcoin market is providing (and the Bitcoin Swing Strategy finds)?

Are you starting to understand why I say more traders will succeed trading the Bitcoin market in my Bitcoin Trading Report: #1 Reason You Should Be Trading Bitcoin?

At this time, the Bitcoin market is providing traders with the opportunity to make some spectacular profits.  All you need is a proven trading strategy a set of rules to follow and the desire to trade the strategy as close to perfectly as possible.  And that is exactly what I provide in the Bitcoin Investing Live Course.

Don't sit on the sidelines and watch these spectacular trading opportunities pass you by.  Get involved with Bitcoin.  But more importantly, get involved with swing trading Bitcoin.

Don't worry, you don't have to figure all this out on your own.  Follow my lead...

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