Bitcoin Trading Report and Bitcoin Swing Trading Case Study

I just wanted to let everyone know I have just made available a new Forex "Insider Pips" Report.  It is called BITCOIN TRADING: "#1 Reason You Should Be Trading Bitcoin" (SPOILER: More Traders Will Succeed).

Running a Forex signals service for years has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed as a trader.  I understand the challenges traders face.  So, when I tell you trading Bitcoin creates and environment where more traders can succeed... that should mean something.

Look, nobody said trading was going to be easy.  And a lot of traders have a hard time sticking with trading for the long run.

  • But what if you were winning trades more often?  Would that help you stick with the trading?
  • And how about if your winning trades were HUGELY profitable?  Would you stick with trading then?

Well, that is what is going on with Bitcoin trading right now.  I find it easier to enter winning trades... and the winners can be up to 10 TIMES the risk!  As a matter of fact, the way I trade Bitcoin, I can DOUBLE my account in just one trade!

So trading Bitcoin is more than just a way to make some profits.  For a lot of traders who have tried and failed before... trading Bitcoin might just be the way to succeed where they have previously failed.

As part of the report, I am including a Case Study of the Bitcoin Swing Strategy, which I teach in the Bitcoin Investing Live Course.  You'll be able to see what the trading looks like and get a feel for what it would be like to trade this profitable trading strategy.

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