Bitcoin Investing Live Course

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Trading Bitcoin Has A Huge Profit Potential Compared To
Other Markets (Currencies, Gold, Silver, Oil, etc.)...
And I'll Teach You How It Is Possible To


This is a serious and professional PLAN that only takes a few minutes a day!

What Will I Learn?

  • The Evolution Of Currency And How Cryptocurrency Is The Logical "Next Step"
  • An Explanation Of Bitcoin And Common Questions Answered
  • How To Set Up Your Very Own "Bitcoin Infrastructure" (to buy, store, spend and sell Bitcoin)
  • Why Invest In Bitcoin An Add It To Your Portfolio (IMPORTANT)
  • Essential Trading And Investing Tips From A Real Trader Who Trades Bitcoin For Profit (IMPORTANT)
  • THE BITCOIN SWING STRATEGY (used to trade Bitcoin vs. US Dollar in just minutes a day)
  • How To Set Up A Bitcoin Investing Business Plan (IMPORTANT)


  • A computer and Internet connection
  • The willingness to learn about Bitcoin and how to trade Bitcoin for profit
  • The desire to TAKE ACTION on what you learn in the course


The Bitcoin Investing Live Course & Bitcoin Swing Strategy is designed to get you up and running in the world of trading Bitcoin for profit as fast as possible.  Everything you'll need to put this course into action is provided in the course.  This course is not just theory about Bitcoin... but also shares the exact services, tools, trading strategy and instructions I personally use so you can create a potentially life-changing income stream with the serious and professional manner necessary for success.

The Bitcoin Investing Live Course is delivered inside the exclusive Member's Area.

The course lectures are in the form of MP4 Podcasts, Videos when necessary for clarity and written transcripts with photos.

Course Curriculum...

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about The Bitcoin Investing Live Course & Bitcoin Swing Strategy to make sure this is the right fit for you.  Take a look at the full curriculum below to see exactly what is included in the course.

The absolute best way to make sure this is what you are looking for is to PREVIEW some of the lectures.  Click the links of lectures that say (available for Preview) to access the lectures.

Section 1: Introduction



Section 2: Introduction To Bitcoin



Section 3: Your Bitcoin Infrastructure


  • Lecture 7: Bitcoin Infrastructure Introduction
  • Lecture 8: Where To Store Bitcoin
  • Lecture 9: How Many Bitcoin Wallets Should You Have
  • Lecture 10: How To Get Bitcoin
  • Lecture 11. How To Send And Receive Bitcoin
  • Lecture 12: How To Turn Bitcoin Back Into Fiat Currency
  • Lecture 13: Bitcoin Safety


Section 4: Introduction To Bitcoin Investing



Section 5: 5 Essentials To Bitcoin Investing Success


  • Lecture 16: Treat Bitcoin Investing As A Business
  • Lecture 17: Swing Trade Off The Daily Time Frame
  • Lecture 18: Master One Simple, Rule-Based Bitcoin Investing Strategy
  • Lecture 19: Know What To Expect
  • Lecture 20: Focus On Risk To Reward Ratio


Section 6: Bitcoin Trading Strategies


  • Lecture 21: The Easiest Way To Invest In Bitcoin
  • Lecture 22: Introduction To Bitcoin Swing Trading
  • Lecture 23: Your Bitcoin Trading Infrastructure
    • Lecture 23A: Option For US Traders And Other Platform Options
  • Lecture 24: Why Trade The Bitcoin Swing Strategy
  • Lecture 25: Setting Up Your Trading Charts
  • Lecture 26: Making Modifications To The MT4 Fibonacci Tool
  • Lecture 27: Money Management
  • Lecture 28: Buy And Sell Trade Rules
  • Lecture 29: Examples Of Placing Trades


Section 7: Bitcoin Investing Business Plan


  • Lecture 30: Bitcoin Investing Business Plan Introduction
  • Lecture 31: The Two Step Process To Achieve Your Life-Changing Goals
  • Lecture 32: What Are Your Built-In Trading Limitations?
  • Lecture 33: Two Step Process Example
  • Lecture 34: The Training Wheels Protocol
  • Lecture 35: Example Bitcoin Investing Business Plan
  • Lecture 36: Action Steps & Resources


Will YOU Be Able To Trade The Bitcoin Swing Strategy?

Every effort has been made to make sure YOU will be able to learn and execute the Bitcoin Swing Strategy.  This is not some strategy that looks good in theory... but a trading strategy you can actually put into ACTION!  Check out the characteristics...

Set And Forget, End Of Day Bitcoin Trading Strategy - Easy To Trade
Take the time and emotional stress out of trading by placing your trades and walking away from the computer.
Fixed Time - Same Time Every Trading Day

Trade at the same time every day and spend the rest of the time living your life.
Manual Trading - You Are In Control

Manually place the trades on your trading account and have complete control over your trading. All instructions delivered inside membership area!
 4 .

Quick & Easy - Trade In Only A Few Minutes A Day
No complicated strategies to learn or long hours sitting in front of the computer... everything can be done in just a few minutes a day.

Professional Trading Strategy - Good Risk To Reward Ratio

Use a systematic, rule-based trading strategy designed to capture high potential, high profit Bitcoin trading opportunities. Risk to Reward can be as high as 1:10... meaning it is possible to DOUBLE your account in just one trade using our rules!
Clear Rules & Trade Signals - No Guesswork 

The Bitcoin Swing Strategy is simple to learn and easy to trade.  Trade rules are clear and trading decisions are straightforward.  No stress or worries you might be doing it wrong!

Are You Ready To Trade Bitcoin For Profit?



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Looking forward to helping you explore the world of trading Bitcoin for profit,

Edward Lomax